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Hemp Dog Blanket with Recycled Fleece, by earthdog
Hemp & Recycled Fleece Dog Blanket, in Blueberry or Ash
Hemp Blankets with Recycled Fleece, by earthdog

Hemp Blankets with Recycled Fleece, by earthdog

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These high quality, sturdy sustainable hemp blankets are the perfect marriage of durable, colorful hemp canvas and soft, sumptuous recycled fleece. They are incredibly soft and durable and easy to care for - just toss them in the machine and tumble dry low. Great for dogs and cats, but so nice, you may want one for yourself! The hemp fabric has a nice cool texture to lay on for warm weather and the soft fleece side is very warm and cozy in chilly weather.

Great for the sofa, as a bed cover, in the car or on the floor. Use canvas side up or fleece side up for a comfy retreat.

Choose from 3 colors of hemp canvas. All have heather grey fleece.

FREE ground shipping to US addresses.

  • Ash Grey
  • Blueberry
  • Tangerine

42" x 58"

Made in the USA

Some of hemp's eco-friendly qualities:
* Hemp, like Bamboo, is a hardy, fast-growing plant which needs little water to grow and few if any fertilizers or pesticides, thereby increasing the efficiency of land-use, and reducing depletion of water supplies and pollution to the soil, water & air. Hemp fiber is durable and long-lasting.

Earthdog Hemp & Recycled Fleece Dog Blanket

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