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About Us | Upland Road

A Shop for People and the Planet.

At Upland Road, we sell only products that are both environmentally-friendly and fairly-made, like organic cotton clothing and eco-friendly gifts and accessories for women, men and kids, and eco-friendly kitchen goods. We offer a range of small gifts and items we use every day so we can vote with our pocketbooks to help green the economy.

What You'll Find at Upland Road

On our site you'll find clothes, accessories, kitchen goods and gifts that are organic, recycled, upcycled, renewable, reusable, reclaimed, repurposed or made using eco-friendly production processes. Everything is either made in the USA or fair-trade made. All of our organic cotton apparel is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified.

When you buy organic and eco-friendly products instead of conventionally produced goods you help:

        • significantly reduce air, land and water pollution
        • reduce your carbon footprint
        • improve your health and that of wildlife and the planet

    Other Eco-Friendly Options

    Of course, buying fewer clothes, buying vintage and shopping at thrift stores, or creating upcycled designs of your own are even better choices for the planet than buying organically grown and renewable products. Because, though the production process and related chemical pollution is greatly reduced with organic garments, it is almost eliminated when we re-use and re-cycle.

    Our Commitment

    Upland Road is proud to be a Green America Certified Business member. Our business practices are green and our shipping materials are eco-friendly, many made from recycled materials.
    We became a business member of 1% for the Planet to join forces with more than 1200 other companies that all contribute a minimum of 1% of sales revenues to environmental causes. Combined, 1% for the Planet organizations donated more than $10 million dollars last year! In 2016, Upland Road donated to 1% for the Planet, Clean Water Action, Climate Reality Project, Environmental Working Group, Environmental Defense Fund, Green Newton, National Wildlife Federation, Sierra Club, and Union of Concerned Scientists.

    Upland Road’s goal is to work with you for the greater good, with greater goods!

    Thank you for making a difference for our precious planet and its people by using organic, eco-friendly and fair-trade goods!

    Mindy Gregory Sieber
    Founder, Upland Road
    Doing business since 2013

    Inspired by my mom, Jacqueline Theis Gregory and my daughter, Geneva Boyer.

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