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Night Out Wallet from Recycled Innertubes
From Upcycled Bicycle Innertubes Night Out Wallet
Night Out Wallet from Recycled Innertubes

Mini "Night-Out" Wallet - Made from Upcycled Bicycle Innertubes


The Night Out wallet is thin and perfect when you don't need to take much along. It will even work in your front pants pocket. One side has a window for your ID. The other side has a pocket for credit cards and a pocket for cash. Slip this micro wallet into your pocket for a night out, when you're going on a hike, or anytime.

This excellent wallet is great for men, women & teens! Buy several to have on hand when you need a great gift to give.

Upcycled - no two pieces will be exactly alike as the inner tubes used may have markings or embossing, making them unique.

Made in the USA from upcycled bicycle innertubes.

Eco-friendly accessories.
Night Out sustainable slim wallet.

Inner tube wallet

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