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Organic cotton Crew Socks, Maggie's Organics, Black tri-pack
Organic cotton Crew Socks, Maggie's Organics, Upland Road, Black

Unisex Crew Socks - Tri-pack Black - Organic Cotton


These excellent organic cotton mid-calf Crew Socks are great for men & women. Comfortable tapered toe. True ribbed leg stays in place.

Great fit. Comfortable. Easy to put on and take off. Long-lasting.   

Tri-packs - 3 pairs of organic cotton crew socks per pack.

          Available in Black

See Size Chart, below.

 98% certified organic cotton
   2% Spandex (covered by organic cotton)
Fair-trade grown on cooperative organic farms in El Salvador
Made in USA

Machine wash cold or warm, Tumble Dry Low
(Hand-washing & air drying are always a good-for-the-environment options) 

Sock Size       Women's Shoe Size       Men's Shoe Size
9-11                       5-8                                     3-6
10-13                     8.5-11.5                             7-10.5

Certified Organic Cotton Crew Socks
Organic Cotton Crew Socks for Men and Women
Maggie's Organics Crew Socks

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