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Leaf print journal with recycled cotton pages - Upland Road

Leaf Imprint Journal - Made with Recycled Cotton Pages


Hand-block printed, hard-cover journals with 48 unlined pages made from recycled cotton--no wood involved! 

4" x 6"

These journals are silver grey, as pictured. Leaf prints vary slightly.

Made of Recycled Cotton interior, and Hand-blocked cotton exterior on a hard cover of recycled cardboard.


Fair-trade made in India.

Recycling and using products made from recycled materials:

  • Reduces energy use and greenhouse gases significantly compared to producing new goods
  • Generates much less air and ground pollution than production using raw materials
  • Generates much less water pollution than manufacturing new products
  • Reduces waste by keeping materials out of landfills

Eco-friendly journal
Recycled journal
Journal with printed cotton cover

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