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Kitty Tesselation Scarf Recycled Cotton

Kitty Tessellation Scarf - Recycled Cotton + Acrylic

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Kittymania! This fun, recycled cotton + acrylic Kitty Tesselation scarf will keep you in good spirits as it keeps you warm eco-style! A great gift for adults and kids.

64" long, 6" wide

Hand- or Machine-wash and Air- or Machine-dry

Made from 75% pre-consumer recycled cotton and 25% acrylic.

Made in the USA.

Using products made from recycled materials:

  • Reduces energy use significantly compared to producing new goods
  • Generates much less water pollution than manufacturing new products
  • Reduces waste by keeping materials out of landfills

Recycled Cotton Kitty Scarf
Kitty Tesselation Scarf from Recycled Cotton
Cotton Kitty Tesselation Scarf Recycled

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