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eco-friendly wallet - Jackson wallet from upcycled bicycle innertubes
JACKSON Wallet from upcycled bicycle innertubes
Jackson Wallet from upcycled bicycle innertubes
Jackson Wallet from recycled bicycle innertubes, eco-friendly wallet

Jackson Wallet - Made from Upcycled Truck Innertubes


The Jackson wallet is a bit larger than the Franklin wallet, designed for those who need a little more capacity. A dedicated ID pocket on the left, and a row of 3 card slots on the right. Larger overall size to fit plenty of bills and international currency.

Product Details:

  • Large enough for international currency.
  • Internal window for quick ID viewing.
  • 3 total interior pockets.
  • 4"(W) x 3.5"(H)

Upcycled - no two pieces will be exactly alike as the truck innertubes used may have markings or embossing

Made in the USA

Eco-friendly accessories
Eco-friendly wallet

Wallet from upcycled truck innertubes

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