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Four Fish Organic Cotton t-shirt for Men, Women and Kids
100% Organic Cotton Natural Undyed T-shirt Slim Fit, Illustrated Bee Image printed on this Shirt

Four Fish Men's T-Shirt - 100% organic cotton - Also in Women's & Kids sizes


Salmon, Cod, Tuna, Bass

Color images of four fish and their names printed onto the natural, undyed organic cotton t-shirt shown. Printed with eco-friendly inks on remarkably soft 100% organic cotton shirts.

Also available in Women's Sizes  and Kids' sizes


    Grown and Sewn in the USA
    100% Texas-grown GOTS certified Organic Cotton

    Printed with Eco-Friendly Inks

    Machine wash cold. Machine dry low or medium, or, line dry.    

    Four Fish 100% Cotton T-shirt
    Four FIsh 100 percent cotton men's
    Four Fish T-Shirt

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