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Cuarzo Striped Alpaca Scarf
Cuarzo Alpaca Scarf - Renewable

Cuarzo Alpaca Scarf - Renewable


Made from 100% Alpaca, with a silky softness! Warm, soft and good looking!

Alpaca hair is hollow, thus providing great insulation and wonderful warmth in a very light-weight fiber. It is very durable and naturally resists wetness.  

One size fits all.

Available colors:

Wine Stripes   
Midnight Stripes

Hand-knit and ethically made with love in Bolivia. 

100% Alpaca

Did you know?

Alpaca are gentle animals that are raised solely for fur, or to be pets. Alpaca get "hair cuts" every year, which is where the fleece used for making garments comes from.  

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