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Sustainable Beer Journal
Tree-free Beer-Tasting Pocket Journal with Recycled Cotton Pages

Tree-free Beer-Tasting Pocket Journal with Recycled Cotton Pages


Softbound 64-page beer-tasting journal for beverage enthusiasts! Made with 100% tree-free recycled cotton paper: a rich textured paper with a uniquely soft feel.

Artisans collect post-consumer cotton material and recycle it into a pulp to create the paper. The process is 
tree-free, non-toxic, and conserves and filters water for reuse in irrigation.

DIMENSIONS: 3.5" W, 5.5" H

Made from recycled cotton

Fair-trade made in India.

Recycling and using products made from recycled materials:

  • Reduces energy use and greenhouse gases significantly compared to producing new goods
  • Generates much less air and ground pollution than production using raw materials
  • Generates much less water pollution than manufacturing new products
  • Reduces waste by keeping materials out of landfills

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Recycled journal
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