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Nikola Tesla t-shirt What Would Tesla Do? Organic Cotton T Shirt
Nikola Tesla Tshirt What Would Tesla Do? Organic Cotton T-shirt for Men
Nikola Tesla T-shirt - What Would Tesla Do? Organic Cotton

Nikola Tesla T-Shirt - "What Would Tesla Do?" Men's Cotton


This well made, super soft organic cotton men's crew neck Tesla T-shirt, "What Would Tesla Do?" is a great gift for yourself or your favorite Tesla owner, scientist, inventor, mathematician, "Big Bang Theory" fan or Nikola Tesla admirer.

Nikola Tesla: July 10,1856 - Jan. 7, 1943. Renowned for his achievements & showmanship, Tesla earned a reputation as an archetypal "mad scientist" and is best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system. The SI unit of magnetic flux density the tesla, and Tesla Motors, are named in his honor. (from Wikipedia)

Between sizes? Order next size Tesla t-shirt size down; this shirt runs slightly large.

Shop Men's organic cotton clothes.

100% Organic Cotton - GOTS certified Pre-shrunk. Hand- or machine-wash & dry.

Grown and sewn in the USA.

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What Would Tesla Do Men's t-shirt
Nikola Tesla t-shirt
Tesla t-shirt
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