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Alchemy Goods Use and Care Q & A

We're very excited to add a new line of eco-friendly accessories made by Alchemy Goods (Ag) to the Upland Road collection. Alchemy Goods makes sustainable, fashionable, durable handbags, wallets & laptop bags! They're made primarily from upcycled inner tubes, which is not a common component, so we wanted to share some information about the products' care & usage with you. Are Alchemy Goods products durable? You betcha. Inner tube is a very resilient and durable material. Your Alchemy Goods bag should last for years. How do I care for my Alchemy Goods product? Alchemy Goods products are made to be durable and easy to care for, so they don’t need much attention. You can spot clean your bag with a rag...

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People's Climate March | Upland Road

I'm getting ready for the trip to NYC tomorrow, to participate in the People's Climate March representing Upland Road and Green Decade Newton, an environmental nonprofit that I'm on the board of! I'll be taking one of hundreds of buses making the trip from around the USA to this great event. I'm so excited to join with hundreds of thousands of others there, and perhaps a million around the world to make a huge statement that we need major climate action now!

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Welcome to Upland Road

Welcome to Upland Road! We are an online store focused on providing well-designed, high quality goods that are both earth-friendly and fair-trade. Whether you're looking for 100% organic cotton clothing, eco-friendly jewelry and accessories, or organic and paraben-free beauty products, you've come to the right place! We've spent hours combing through thousands of eco-friendly products and we’ve selected the best finds to help make it easier for you to find ethical, earth-friendly goods. Why We Launched Upland Road The purchases we make each day have a meaningful impact on the environment. We launched our store because we want to help reduce the chemical pollution in our land, water and our bodies caused by the garment industry's production processes, and to...

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