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Bee's Wrap - Sustainable • Reusable • Washable • Compostable

I'm very excited to introduce this great group of reusable, sustainable food wraps that you can use instead of plastic wrap: Bee's Wrap! They're made from certified organic cotton brushed with beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin. The result: sustainable food storage wraps that keep your food fresh and help you eliminate plastic from your kitchen. With regular use (3x / week) Bee's Wraps last about a year.

Watch this Demo Video & see how easy it is to use Bee's Wraps. More info about Bee's Wrap, below.

     Bee's Wrap instead of plastic wrap!

Bee's Wrap is super at packing up sandwiches, covering bowls of leftovers, and wrapping bread, cheese and half-used fruit and veggies.*

I'm especially thrilled to use Bee's Wraps with fresh bread, which I have previously had to put into plastic bags to save from getting stale. Not anymore!! Bee's Wrap is fantastic at keeping bread fresh for days.

ALSO - great for wrapping Cheese!! When you wrap your cheese in Bee's Wrap it will last longer and stay fresher than in plastic.

In addition to wrapping and covering food, you can use them to roll dough out on, and many other ways. Let me know of ideas you come up with!

See all our Bee's Wrap shapes and styles.

How do they work? It's simple yet brilliant. The warmth of your hand softens the wax just enough for you to mold Bee's Wraps to the shape you want them. The wrap holds its new shape, creating a seal. The beeswax and jojoba oil have antibacterial and antifungal qualities that help fight mold and bacteria naturally, hence keeping foods fresh longer.

Bee's Wraps come in several shapes and sizes. You will find endless ways to use them!

Please Note: All Bee's Wraps have a slight honey scent.

*Not recommended for use with meat.

Bee's Wraps are hand-made in Vermont using GOTS certified organic cotton.


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