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Certified Organic Cotton vs. Conventionally Grown Cotton

Why Buy Certified Organic Cotton vs. Conventionally Grown Cotton?

Conventionally grown cotton is the world's most pesticide-intensive crop. It uses 24% of the world's insecticides and 11% of the world's pesticides for only 2.5% of the cropland.
Outcomes of conventional cotton farming include:
  • devastating air and water pollution
  • life-threatening illness and death for thousands of farm workers and those who live near the cotton plantations.
According to, 17-20% of China's water pollution can be attributed to textile dyeing and treatment.

Chemicals from growing and dyeing the cotton remain in the fabric that we wear against our skin, and when we wash our clothes, over time the chemicals wash out into our local water systems.

When You Use Sustainable, Fair-Trade Goods, You Help Change the World by:
  •      Reducing Air, Soil & Water Pollution
  •      Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
  •      Improving the Health & Safety of Farm & Factory Workers
  •      Enabling garment industry workers to earn a living wage
  •      Growing the Green Economy
  •      Improving the Health of Our Families, Wildlife & the Planet
Certified Organic cotton is grown from non genetically modified plants, without the use of synthetic agricultural chemical fertiliziers or pesticides, includes a certification process and protections for farmers and garment workers, and dyes and chemicals used in any of the processes must meet environmental and toxicity standards. Click here for info on the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).
All of Upland Road's organic clothes are all certified with third-party verification.

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