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Welcome to Upland Road

Welcome to Upland Road! We are an online store focused on providing well-designed, high quality goods that are both earth-friendly and fair-trade. Whether you're looking for 100% organic cotton clothing, eco-friendly jewelry and accessories, or organic and paraben-free beauty products, you've come to the right place! We've spent hours combing through thousands of eco-friendly products and we’ve selected the best finds to help make it easier for you to find ethical, earth-friendly goods.

Why We Launched Upland Road

The purchases we make each day have a meaningful impact on the environment. We launched our store because we want to help reduce the chemical pollution in our land, water and our bodies caused by the garment industry's production processes, and to reduce the carbon footprint caused by the production and shipping processes of the goods we purchase. Buying organic, sustainably grown and produced products saves the planet from having to cope with thousands of toxic chemicals released into our environment by conventional garment production's pesticides, synthetic fertilizer and dyes. It's difficult to find a good selection of quality eco-friendly products that are also made ethically. We're committed to helping build a greener economy and support the people of the world by offering quality earth-friendly, fair trade and made-in-the-USA goods.

What We Carry

The goods we carry are organic, recycled, reclaimed, repurposed or produced using eco-friendly methods. All of our selections are ethically sourced, or made in the United States, many are crafted by hand. We currently carry clothing, accessories, self-care products and gifts, and will be expanding our line over the coming months.

Giving to Environmental Causes

We’re committed to donating to environmental nonprofits, because we feel a responsibility to steward the amazing environment upon which we depend. Upland Road is proud to be a business member of 1% for the Planet, whose 1,200 businesses each donate a minimum of one percent of their sales revenues to environmental causes. Over the past 10 years, 1% for the Planet businesses and their customers have raised more than $100 million for environmental nonprofits!

Thank You!

Thank you for visiting Upland Road and for all you do to support our planet and its people.


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  • Roger

    Congratulations, and best of luck with the great, eco-friendly new venture!

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