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Candy Cane Socks, Winter "Snuggle" Socks for Women & Men - Organic Merino Wool

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These super comfy Organic Holiday Wool Snuggle Socks feature whimsical winter-themed designs. Made from Soft Organic Merino Wool with a medium cushion throughout the sock, your feet will step with comfort, on the trail, in your house, or in your snowboots.

Made from soft, organic merino wool that is washable - treated with a special chlorine-free anti-felt treatment, which is certified to international organic standards (GOTS).

  • Fit: Stretchy and comfy
  • Relaxed, stretchy comfort top
  • Environmentally-safe washable Organic Wool
  • Cushioning throughout
  • Soft, organic merino wool
  • Made in North Carolina USA


  • 75% Organic Merino Wool, 29% Nylon, 1% Spandex


  • For Best Results: Machine wash in cold water and line or flat dry. Your Wool Snuggle Socks will stay soft and stretchy for years.

Size Chart

9-11   Fits Women's Shoe size 5.5 - 9.5
           Fits Men's Shoe Sizes  - 8
10-13  Fits Men's Shoe Sizes  8 -12
           Fits Women's Shoe sizes  9.5 -13 

The wool is fair-trade grown on family-owned organic farms in Argentina. Regulated by the US Organic Rule.

Made in USA

Sock Size / Shoe Size for Men & Women

9-11   Fits Women's Shoe size 5.5 - 9
           Fits Men's Shoe Sizes  4 - 8
10-13  Fits Men's Shoe Sizes  8 -12
           Fits Women's Shoe sizes  9.5 -13 

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