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Sustainable Bamboo Coasters - Bicycle
Pine Tree Bamboo Coasters - Sustainable

Bamboo Coasters - with Pine Tree or Bicycle


Excellent sets of four coasters come in two designs: Bicycle and Pine Trees are hand-burned onto each bamboo coaster. Made of sustainably harvested bamboo, smoothed by hand, and finished with all-natural oil.

Each coaster is 3 3/4 inches square with gorgeous vertical grain. Use them indoors or out, on the road or at home. Hand-washable in warm, soapy water, and their smooth bottoms won’t scratch the surfaces of furniture or counters.

 3 3/4"

  • Smooth base won’t scratch furniture
  • Hand finished with food-safe natural oil
  • Hand wash in warm soapy water
  • We recommend Bamboo Goo to keep your bamboo and wood beautiful for years
Made from sustainable, sustainably harvested bamboo

Fair-trade made in China

* Bamboo is sustainable and eco-friendly because it is the fastest growing plant in the world. Its natural antimicrobial qualities protect it from pests, and it requires little water to grow. Bamboo is biodegradable.

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