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Eco-friendly, vegan Ballard Belt from Upcycled Bicycle Innertubes-Alchemy Goods

Ballard Belt - from Upcycled Bicycle Innertubes - Unisex

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This popular belt is made from reclaimed bike tubes! One tube is wrapped around another to create four layers of rubber.  Vegan, leather-free and includes a sharp looking, removable brushed steel buckle. The Ballard Belt is not just for men, women like it too!
    • Available in 5 waist sizes:  25-29";   29" - 33";   33-37";   37-41"; 41-45"
    • Belt height is 1.25 – 1.5 inches.
    • Removable brushed steel buckle

Upcycled - no two pieces will be exactly alike as the inner tubes used may have markings or embossing

Made in the USA

Eco-friendly Ballard Belt
Ballard Belt made from inner tubes
Vegan Belt for Men & Women

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