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Organic Wool Knee High Socks - Ink, French Roast & Black - Maggie's Organics

Lightweight Organic Wool Knee High Socks "Ink" - Black or Brown

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These comfortable Knee High Socks are made in the USA from Organic Merino Wool. Moisture-wicking, lightweight dress sock This organic merino wool yarn is washable - treated with a special patented chlorine-free anti-felt treatment, which is certified to international organic standards. (GOTS).
  • Fit: Gently snug
  • Environmentally-safe washable Organic Wool
  • Lightweight, flat knit
  • Absorbs and wicks up to 35% moisture
  • Made in North Carolina USA
  • 65% Organic Merino Wool, 33% Nylon, 2% Spandex


  • For Best Results: Machine wash inside out in cold water and line dry. Your Socks will stay soft and stretchy for years.

See Size Chart, below.

Regulated by the US Organic Rule.

Made in USA

Sock Size / Shoe Size for Men & Women

9-11   Fits Women's Shoe size  5.5 - 9
           Fits Men's Shoe Sizes   4 - 7
10-13  Fits Men's Shoe Sizes  7.5 - 11.5
           Fits Women's Shoe sizes  9.5 -13

Certified Organic Wool "Ink" Knee Socks
Organic Merino Wool Knee Socks
Organic Wool Knee Socks
Maggie's Organic Merino Wool Knee Socks

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